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St Colman's Cathedral Cobh - Dan Kosmayer Photography

Cathedral Cobh

Exploring St. Colman's Cathedral: A Jewel in Cobh, Ireland's Crown

Cobh, Ireland (pronounced Cove) is a quaint historical town on the seaside. Cobh is known as the Titanic's last port of call. Cobh, Ireland, is built on a steep hill and features the impressive St. Colman's Cathedral. In fact, the Catholic church dominates the town skyline.  St Colmans Cathedral Cobh Alter

Saint Colman's Cathedral Cobh's most iconic building

St Colmans ceiling

St. Colman's Cathedral is architecturally stunning and an important religious landmark. This French-style Gothic Revival cathedral was designed by the famous architects Edward Welby Pugin and George Ashlin. The ancient religious building was heavily influenced by French cathedrals like those at Amiens and Rheims. Construction of the beautiful church began in 1868 and took more than four decades complete.  

Large church st colmans cathedral cobh

Standing at the entrance to the Irish Catholic cathedral and we were overwhelmed by the incredible neo-Gothic designs. The soaring, almost 100-meter spires feature eerie-looking gargoyles and saints statues. The old church is famous for its 49-bell carillon, the largest carillon in the United Kingdom and one of the largest in Europe.

St Colmans Cathedral Cobh

Once inside, you will discover rows of elegant arches with detailed carvings, incredibly intricate roof detail, and beautiful stained glass windows. The St Colman's Cathedral Cobb measures 64 meters long and just over 36 meters wide.

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