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St Colman's Cathedral Cobh

Saint Colman's Cathedral Cobh's most iconic building Cobh, Ireland (pronounced Cove) is a quaint historical town ...

Antarctic Scientific Bases

The scientific research station in Antarctica Camara Base is an Argentine Antarctic Scientific Base located at Mengua...

The Scottish International Airshow

The Scottish International Airshow is situated in the United Kingdom, at the Glasgow Prestwick Airport. The popular a...

Unique back wall painted like a small home

Unique back wall painted like a small home Ireland is a fun, unique country to travel and photograph. During my visi...

Wall of China Images

This section of the Great Wall of China features a gate used for entrance and defense. The walls are thicker in this...

Steam Train Canada

Steam train with antique texture Imagine it if you can: clouds of steam and smoke blow out of the smokestack.  The s...

16th Century Catholic church in Cuba

The Church of San Agustín is a quiet place within a busy city, inviting visitors to pray, reflect and meditate.

Beijing China Olympic Stadium park Christmas display

Olympic Park China Here we have a China Winter Olympics display outside located across from The National Stadium Bei...

Dubrovnik Old Town

Dubrovnik Croatia is the southernmost in Croatia on the Dalmatian coast and the most popular destination in Croatia i...

Major Cay Bahamas Pig Beach

Pig Beach (also officially known as Big Major Cay Bahamas) is an uninhabited island in the Bahaman Exuma Cays. The Ba...

Bimini Museum and post office

The Bimini Historical Society started the museum to preserve the Caribbean island's history, and also view memorabilia of Bimini's famous former resident, Ernest Hemingway.

Hog Island Lighthouse Nassau Bahamas

White lighthouse in Nassau Bahamas with bright blue water Hog Island Lighthouse is located at the western tip of Para...

The Big Apple Colburne Ontario Canada

The Big Apple is a popular roadside country store and eatery that is fun for the whole family. It is a great place to stop during a family road trip in Ontario.

Australia Pinnacles Desert

Driving through the Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park. The park itself has a great limestone gravel road through the park.

Shipwreck of SS Sapona off Bimini in the Bahamas

The SS Sapona is a spooky shipwreck in Bimini in the Bahamas. The shipwreck sits in 15 feet of water, spurring the Burmuda triangle mystery.

Significant police presence at G20 Protests

The G20 took place in Toronto, Canada, in 2010, where thousands of peaceful protesters were detained and arrested for no cause.

Pictures of cypress trees

Pictures of cypress trees from Caddo Lake Texas This Pictures of cypress trees show smooth water reflecting trees in...
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