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Stunning landscape capturing the essence of travel and exploration, inspiring wanderlust.

Discover the World Through My Lens: A Travel & Photography Odyssey

Join me on my journey as we explore the world together. My travel blog is where I share my adventures, the incredible places I've visited, and those hidden gems perfect for photography. From bustling cities to serene landscapes, I'm on a quest to capture and share the beauty of the world through my lens and stories.

Cuban Catholic Church

The Church of San Agustín is a quiet place within a busy city, inviting visitors to pray, reflect and meditate.

Pig Beach Bahamas

Pig Beach, officially known as Big Major Cay, is an enchanting, uninhabited island in the Exuma Cays of the Bahamas. ...

Bimini Photos

The Bimini Historical Society started the museum to preserve the Caribbean island's history, and also view memorabilia of Bimini's famous former resident, Ernest Hemingway.

Sunny day at Wasaga Beach Canada

This travel image is taken from Wasaga Beach Canada. The photograph is taken from a higher elevation allowing the vi...

Sapona Shipwreck

The SS Sapona is a spooky shipwreck in Bimini in the Bahamas. The shipwreck sits in 15 feet of water, spurring the Burmuda triangle mystery.

Insightful Review: 2010 G20 Protests and the Unprecedented Police Presence

The G20 took place in Toronto, Canada, in 2010, where thousands of peaceful protesters were detained and arrested for no cause.

Unbelievable Chinese Bug Market in China

Exploring Beijing's Bug Market: A Hub for Traditional Insect Cuisine My wife and I visited the food market in Beiji...

Image of War - War Photography Museum

Introduction to Zagreb's Image of War War Photography Museum The Image of War War Photography Museum in Zagreb, Croat...

Beijing China Olympic Stadium park Christmas display

Olympic Park China Here we have a China Winter Olympics display outside located across from The National Stadium Bei...
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