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Lake Ontario Shipwreck

La Grande Hermine

Shipwreck landmark along the QEW highway in Jordan Harbour

Shipwreck Photos Lake Ontario

The fine art image features an old abandoned Lake Ontario shipwreck that has run aground near St. Catherines, Ontario. The shipwreck is in pretty good condition for the old abandoned ship. The photograph was taken just as the sun rose to give the sky a beautiful soft sunrise glow over Lake Ontario.

Although I lived 45 minutes away from this great ship along our main highway to the United States border, I never went out and captured this vessel. So this past weekend, my wife and I were in Mississauga, and I finally decided to make the trip. I pre-visualized a sky full of color at sunrise, eliminating this aging iron ship. I was not disappointed.


The Big Weasel, also known as La Grande Hermine, was constructed in 1914 and had a versatile career as a ferry, cargo vessel, and even a replica of the first ship to explore Canada. However, it also had a reputation as a haunted house. Since 1997, it has been berthed in Jordan Harbor. Sadly, the ship fell victim to arson in 2003 and now sits as a rusty, two-masted hulk.

La Grande Hermine is a significant historical ship in Canada's maritime history. It was constructed in 1914 in Quebec, Canada, and was initially used as a ferry vessel for the Quebec and Levis Ferry Company.

In the 1930s, La Grande Hermine was purchased by a Canadian businessman, who converted it into a cargo ship. The ship was used to transport goods such as coal, wood, and sand throughout the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River.

In the 1960s, La Grande Hermine was purchased by the Canadian government and transformed into a replica of the French ship of the same name that had sailed to Canada in 1535 under the command of French explorer Jacques Cartier. The replica ship was used to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Cartier's arrival in Canada.

After this period, La Grande Hermine was sold to a private owner and used as a tourist attraction in Montreal. Later, it was moved to Jordan Harbor, where it served as a haunted house attraction and a museum.

However, in 2003, La Grande Hermine was set on fire by arsonists and suffered extensive damage. Since then, the ship has remained berthed in Jordan Harbor as a rusting and decaying reminder of Canada's rich maritime history.

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