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Does Lightroom support HEIC Article by Dan Kosmayer

Does Lightroom support HEIC?

Does Lightroom Support HEIC? An In-Depth Exploration

High Efficiency Image Codec, better known as HEIC, is an image format that offers a better compression ratio than JPEG, meaning that it can store high-quality images in smaller file sizes. This format is commonly used by Apple devices, and is becoming more popular in the world of digital photography.

Given its growing prevalence, a common question that arises among many Lightroom users is: does Adobe Lightroom support HEIC files?

Understanding HEIC Support in Lightroom

As of the latest updates to Lightroom before my knowledge cut-off in September 2021, both Lightroom (Cloud-based) and Lightroom Classic (desktop-based) offer support for HEIC files. This means that you can import, view, and edit these files within the Lightroom environment.

Here's how you can work with HEIC files in Lightroom:

  1. Import HEIC Files: To import HEIC files, go to the 'File' menu in Lightroom, click 'Import Photos and Video', then navigate to the HEIC files on your device or memory card. Highlight the images you want to import, then click 'Import'.
  2. View HEIC Files: Once imported, you can view HEIC files in the 'Library' module just like any other image file type.
  3. Edit HEIC Files: HEIC files can be edited in the 'Develop' module, where you can adjust settings like exposure, contrast, saturation, and more. The editing process for HEIC files is the same as for JPEG, RAW, and other file types.

Points to Note

There are a few key points to note regarding Lightroom's support for HEIC files:

  1. Device Compatibility: Lightroom Mobile supports the HEIC format on both iOS and Android devices. However, you need to make sure your device itself supports this format. For instance, Apple started supporting HEIC format from iOS 11 onwards, while Android support began with Android 9 (Pie).
  2. Software Updates: To ensure HEIC compatibility, your Lightroom software needs to be updated to the latest version. Adobe frequently releases updates to support new file types and camera models, and to fix bugs or other issues.
  3. HEIC to JPEG Conversion: If you are sharing your images with someone who does not have the ability to view HEIC files, or if you are posting them online, you may need to convert your HEIC images to JPEG. You can do this in Lightroom by going to the 'File' menu, selecting 'Export', and choosing JPEG as the file format.


In summary, yes, Adobe Lightroom does support the HEIC image format. However, it's important to keep your software up to date to ensure full compatibility, and remember that while you can edit and view HEIC files in Lightroom, you may need to convert them to JPEG or another format for sharing or posting online. By taking advantage of the improved file size and quality offered by HEIC, you can enhance your digital photography experience.

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