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The Essence of Authenticity in Photography: My Artistic Journey and Vision

The Essence of Authenticity in Photography: My Artistic Journey and Vision

Artistic Philosophy or Journey

As a seasoned photographer who has over 40 years witnessed the evolution of photography in a world brimming with 2.3 million photographs taken every minute, I have a unique perspective on this art form. My journey through over 40 countries, capturing urban scenes and street photography, has not just been about documenting the world but about preserving its authentic essence.

ic:Times Square New York City People Lounging

In today's age, where every pocket holds a camera and images circulate with unprecedented speed, we find ourselves amidst a surge of 'fake news,' photo manipulation, and unauthorized image sharing. This backdrop makes the role of ethics in photography not just relevant but crucial. While subjective and dependent on context, the principles of photography ethics are foundational in guiding how we capture and share images.

Yet, there's a stark contrast between the ethics governing different photography domains. For instance, photojournalism adheres to stringent rules against staging and digital manipulation, whereas fine art photography operates under different norms. However, the contemplation of respect, dignity, and responsibility towards subjects and audiences is common to all.

AI and digital manipulation

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room: AI and digital manipulation. With the advent of AI, creating fake images has become alarmingly easy and prevalent. As an artist committed to the truth, I stand at a crossroads. My portfolio, boasting over 2,000 fine art images on, is a testament to my commitment to authenticity. None of these images have been doctored, including fake skies or objects. They are as accurate as the moments I captured.

In a landscape increasingly dominated by AI-generated imagery, where does authenticity stand?

In an era where AI-generated imagery is becoming increasingly prevalent, authenticity has become more critical than ever. The answer is quite simple. While AI can replicate the technical aspects of a photograph, it cannot capture the essence and soul that comes from a human's unique experience and perspective. This belief is the foundation of my artistic mission: to create street scenes that are visually appealing and authentic narratives of the world as I see them.

ic:911 Makeshift Memorial NYC where every item is an authentic representation of the scene and untouched in post processing

This commitment to authenticity isn't just about artistic integrity; it's about trust. As a photographer and artist, my audience must trust that what they see is real. This trust becomes even more significant in an era of rampant visual manipulation. My work isn't just about capturing images; it's about capturing reality. It's about ensuring that the world I present through my lens is the world as it is, not as AI imagines it to be.

ic: Storm clouds off the Florida coast is an actual scene that I experienced

As we navigate this era of digital and AI advancements, my mission remains steadfast: to uphold the authenticity and integrity of photography. This commitment is not just about rejecting the allure of digital manipulation but about embracing the responsibility of being a truthful storyteller. As I continue my journey, capturing the diverse tapestry of life through my lens, my focus remains on presenting the world in its unaltered, unembellished form. I believe this is the true essence of photography – capturing life, one authentic frame at a time.

ic: Homeless man in New York City is reading a current events newspaper is authentic but in the world of fake AI imagery, how would you know?

This awareness has become a guiding principle in my work, allowing me to focus on producing images that resonate with authenticity and integrity. Through the lens of ethical awareness, I make a meaningful impact, reminding us of the power and responsibility vested in our hands as creators of visual narratives.

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