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Times Square New York City People Lounging

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This New York Times Square image is one of my favorite Street Photography images of people sitting on lounge chairs in Times Square, New York City. My photo was featured at a workshop with Jay Maisel. Jay is a New York photographer. He is known for photographing many Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. His awards include the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Media Photographers, and the Infinity Award from the International Center of Photography. During this workshop, Jay loved this image. He said, "he had seen virtually every conceivable image shot in New York, but this one was unique".

Section of Times Square New York City

The uniqueness stems from the fact that the Times Square New York section was closed to vehicles for a short time, allowing residents to lounge around on the street usually congested with thousands of tourists daily.

People, people, everywhere. People sit among one of the world's most well-loved and recognized places. Here you see a moment captured in a Times Square New York image.

On this steamy and humid day in July, we get a brief glimpse of what defines The Big Apple. Native New Yorkers, tourists, and other visitors come together in one place as they go about their business and pass-through this well-traveled location. Some walk, some hurry, some shuffle, and some sit. They all contribute to the typical busy scene on a New York City street, no matter their purpose.

A moment is frozen in time. The heart of a city beats on. Welcome to the magic made by a specific place where the whole world unites, if but for a second.

We see what makes this city great. We know what people bring to life. Take in the big-screen TVs that light up that corner of the world. Take in the largely-seen ads that influence millions. Catch a glimpse of some taxis zipping by. Catch a glimpse of life in New York. Feel its ambiance.

This is a place like no other. We can see it through this simple Times Square New York image.

Jay Maisel New York City Workshop

For the record, Jay Maisel’s week-long workshop near Times Square in New York City was fabulous. His Manhattan studio is one of the unique buildings I have ever experienced. He purchased the building in the early ’70s, which contained seven floors and filled each floor with his lifelong memorabilia and unique objects. This workshop also had Micheal Richards as one of the attendees. This was also a thrill for me as I was a lifelong fan of his Seinfeld character ‘Cosmo Kramer. ‘

As it turned out, Micheal was a complete ‘fu#@$%#@ ass$#@!^$#’. He refused to join us in any of our dinners or lunches. He was not at all funny during the week-long workshop. Jay paired up and Micheal to go into the streets of New York and shoot images of each other. Micheal did not say anything until we got on the streets. Then very clearly said, “I don’t know who you #$#@@#$ you are or what the %$#@#$ $#@@!# $$#@! You are going to do with the images but do not shoot me. He then turned and walked away. We all paid for the same workshop, Micheal, but thanks. I love this article on why Micheal never did anything past the Seinfeld sitcom.

Other famous alumni of Jay's workshop are Joe McNally. Unfortunately, Jay has retired, and I heard he sold his building for 65 Million Dollars. But I learned a lot from people who had the pleasure of spending a week with these fascinating many iconic photographers.

© Dan Kosmayer, 2009

All images are original and have been taken by Dan Kosmayer.

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