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Wall of China Images - Dan Kosmayer Photography

Wall of China Images

This section of the Great Wall of China features a gate used for entrance and defense. The walls are thicker in this part of China's old and massive wall. The section with the gate has platforms above and across to act as a superior defensive point should the enemy invaders breach the gate. This section was constructed using bricks, which started in the Ming dynasty.

This stock photograph clearly shows a small fortified doorway or opening and winding stairs leading up to bunkers or buildings in the distant mountain. This section of the Great Wall of China is made of stone and brick.

Purpose of the great wall of china

Over 2,600 years ago, the wall was built as a defensive measure against warring states within the region. They made a giant wall to prevent neighboring areas from expanding their territory. The Qi state was the first to create a wall section in 656 BC. By 221 BC, the states of China were unified. The three northern states (Qin, Zhao, and Yan) linked their wall sections to create a northern defensive line to protect against what was then thought of as ungovernable tribes.


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