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How to get more storage on Lightroom?

How to get more storage on Lightroom?

How to Get More Storage on Lightroom: An In-Depth Guide

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful tool for photographers, allowing you to edit, manage, and store your images. However, if you're using Lightroom's cloud storage, you might eventually find that you're running out of space. In this guide, we'll explore how to get more storage on Lightroom.

How to Manage Your Lightroom Storage

Before considering an upgrade, it's worth checking to see if you can free up existing storage.

  1. Delete Unnecessary Files: Open Lightroom and go to the 'All Photos' view. From here, you can review your images and delete any unnecessary files. Remember, once you delete a photo from the cloud, it will be permanently removed across all synced devices.
  2. Optimize Storage on Your Device: Lightroom has a local storage setting that you can adjust. This won't impact your cloud storage, but it can help you manage your device's storage if it's running low. Go to the 'Local Storage' preferences in Lightroom to change how much of your device storage Lightroom can use.

Upgrading Your Cloud Storage

If you've maximized your current storage but still need more, you may consider upgrading your Adobe Creative Cloud plan.

  1. Upgrade Your Plan: To upgrade, go to the Adobe website and sign into your account. Navigate to the 'Manage Account' page. Here you will see the option to 'Change Plan'. This will display a range of Adobe Creative Cloud plans, many of which offer more storage than the basic Lightroom plan. Select the plan that best fits your needs and follow the prompts to upgrade.
  2. Buy Additional Storage: Adobe also allows you to buy more storage separately from your plan. From the 'Manage Account' page, look for the 'Plans & Products' tab, then click on 'Manage Plan'. Here you should see an option to 'Buy more storage'. Follow the prompts to add additional storage to your account.

Keep in mind that both upgrading your plan and buying additional storage will likely involve an increase in your subscription cost.

Alternatives to Lightroom's Cloud Storage

If you'd rather not pay for additional cloud storage, you can consider these alternatives:

  1. Use Local Storage: You can save your photos to your device's local storage or to an external hard drive. Keep in mind that these files will not be available across devices unless you move them to the cloud.
  2. Use a Different Cloud Service: Services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive also offer cloud storage for your files. You could export your photos from Lightroom and upload them to one of these services. Note that this means you won't be able to edit these photos in Lightroom unless you import them back into the program.


Running out of storage on Lightroom can be a nuisance, but with careful management and the various options available, you can find a solution that best suits your needs. Whether it's optimizing your current storage, upgrading your plan, purchasing additional storage, or using an alternative storage option, you have the flexibility to ensure your Lightroom continues to support your photography journey.

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