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Image of War - War Photography Museum - Dan Kosmayer Photography

Image of War - War Photography Museum

Introduction to Zagreb's Image of War War Photography Museum

The Image of War War Photography Museum in Zagreb, Croatia, offers a poignant journey through the Croatian War of Independence. Established in 2018, this museum serves as a key site for delving into the critical phase of the Yugoslav Wars, highlighting Croatia's triumph against rebel Serb forces.

Experiencing the Museum's Collections

Upon entering the museum, guests are immediately immersed in a powerful narrative of history. The extensive collection, featuring photographs from renowned international and local photographers, tells compelling stories of the war's impact on everyday lives. Notably, the exhibit "Up Close and Personal: War in Croatia," curated by Sandra Vitaljić, provides an intimate view of the war's human side.

Delving into 'Up Close and Personal: War in Croatia'

This centerpiece exhibit showcases over a hundred photographs, coupled with gripping personal narratives. These images and stories offer a diverse range of perspectives on the war. Consequently, they invite visitors to understand the complex nature of this conflict. The exhibit captures not only military actions but also the profound effects on civilians, their struggles, and resilience.

The Museum's Educational Role and Mission

Moreover, the Image of War War Photography Museum fulfills a vital educational role. Operating under the principle "War belongs in a museum," it aims to convey the brutal realities of conflict and promote peace. Beyond displaying photographs, the museum actively supports war victims and refugees with its proceeds.

Exploring War's Varied Facets

Additionally, the museum provides an in-depth exploration of war's many aspects. It delves into themes like "Training," "Resistance," "Medicine in Wartime," and the "Cultural Impact of War." These sections illuminate the broader effects of war on society, culture, and individuals.

Planning Your Visit

Finally, visiting the Image of War War Photography Museum is both profound and enlightening. Although educational, the exhibition contains sensitive material and is best suited for a mature audience. The museum also fosters discussions on current conflicts, drawing parallels with historical events. A portion of each ticket's proceeds supports war victims and refugees.

For more details about the museum's exhibits, visiting hours, and objectives, visit

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