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How To Use Images To Help Improve Your Social Media Marketing

How To Use Images To Help Improve Your Social Media Marketing

With a growing exposure of images on sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, its a great time to start using images in your social media marketing.

Photos have become the eye candy of the Internet. They are meant to attract the reader’s attention and spark their interest. A picture that tells a story will help people remember. Consider who your audience is and encourage them to share your images. With the growing exposure of images on sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, there is no better time to start using images in your social media marketing.

Social Media Profile and Cover Photos

The most common place you can find images are on social media websites. On sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, there are profile and cover images. These can be used as visual real estate to promote a product, service, and active campaign and attract potential customers. A cover photo can be used to generate leads with Call To Actions.

Social Engagement with Images Graph

f you’re posting status updates to Facebook, you must include a photo. Photos on Facebook generate 53% more Likes than the average post. Status updates with a photo grab people’s attention and generate more likes and comments on each image. If possible, ask for the reader’s input on your message. Encouraging interaction will also prompt people to share. 

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Blog Post Images

Blog posts are another place to use images. Choosing the image is vital to get people pulled into your web page and want to start reading the words. The image is the first thing readers will see before they even read your content. When creating a blog post, the goal is to get people to read the opening paragraph. An image limits the amount of text that appears across the screen. As readers see less text right away, they will be more inclined to read it.

“When people make snap decisions about the text, they prefer fewer characters per line.”

Using an image in a blog post will help the reader know what the post is about. When an image is used, it is often more memorable. Highlighting text is also an alternative way to add an image to your blog post if you don’t have a photo. Extracting a key point from your article and making it into a graphic can be used as a hook for the reader to start writing.


Memes are photos that are designed with little text. They are light-hearted and fun. This is a way for marketers to creatively get their ideas across. When used correctly, memes can generate a lot of attention. This is an excellent way for you to receive exposure to a product or service. This is a popular trend, and the best way to be successful is to get immediate exposure. Using social media channels to share your meme helps bring attention to your brand. Memes are made to stay current. Once the meme you’ve created stops receiving feedback, it’s time to move on. Don’t repurpose old memes; there are many opportunities to develop new ones.


Infographics are a great way to use images. An infographic gives you a way to relay information to consumers using visuals. When information is presented uniquely, it becomes more appealing. Infographics give businesses a way to repurpose information, such as blog posts, in a new, influential way. Using infographics is a creative way to drive traffic back to your website. Social media marketing allows marketers to use innovative techniques to help build brand awareness. There are many ways that images help contribute to the growth of social media marketing. Using graphics help grab an audience’s attention and encourage them to share the content.

Do You Use Images In Your Social Media Marketing? If Not, Tell Us About Your Hesitations.

In the comments below, tell us if you used images in your social media marketing. Did you find that it helped your brand? 

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