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Awards and Exhibits

The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards

Times Square New York City People Lounging” has recently been honoured as a Finalist, in the Documentary Category, at the Annual Worldwide Photography Gala Awards. Selected from a wide field of works, from prominent and up incoming artists, it is a great privilege for the image to place so well, especially in a competition that financially supports many charitable causes with its proceeds.

Times Square New York City People Lounging” has just won the celebrated and highly coveted Merit Award at this year’s Annul Worldwide Photography Gala Awards.  Selected from the finalist pool, it is a great distinction to place so well in this highly regarded competition.   From thousands of top quality entries, only seven Merit Awards are conferred each year.

The mission of this prestigious organization is to recognize outstanding photographers through exhibitions, publications, and by broadly promoting their work. Socially aware and compassionate, the WPGA donates a meaningful portion of its revenues to acclaimed international humanitarian groups such as Save the Children, which benefits directly from this competition.

3,200 photographs were submitted in this year’s contest, from 47 countries. “Times Square New York City People Lounging” as well as other winning images, will be featured in the WPGA’s upcoming publication, which will be available at select bookstores.

ROHO Photo Awards

Red Rowboat Against Wall” has been jury selected to be included in the RoHo Photo Gallery’s “Body of Work” for 2009, and will be on display in their physical gallery, their online exhibition, as well as featured in their upcoming book.

With honor, “Red Rowboat Against Wall,” has also been chosen to be showcased in RoHo’s online exhibition and forthcoming publication.

The RoHo Photo Gallery has annual competitions, drawing its participants from an international assemblage of photographers; its mandate, to celebrate excellence and diversity in photographic art.

Prestigious Colorado Environmental Film Festival

Dan Kosmayer’s photograph "Old tree grows out of a rock face against all odds" will be showcased in the prestigious Colorado Environmental Film Festival as part of its Environmental Photography Exhibition. Pieces for this display were chosen by Hal Gould, the curator of the world famous fine-art gallery, Camera Obscura, and will be seen by regional, national, and international audiences of collectors, curators, and consultants.

The images of this exhibit are meant to “inform, convey, motivate or passionately move its viewer” in relation to overcoming today’s intimidating environmental challenges. Tree In Rock will also be published at and in connection to the 2009 Exhibition, which runs through the month of November.

Black and White magazine special issue photography awards
Dan Kosmayer was awarded a certificate of merit for his photography by Black and White Magazine. Along with many top photographers he was named for his recognition of the beauty of texture and how he highlights this with the lense of his camera.
These three photos were featured in the special edition of B & W magazine are:


Group Exhibit: Colorado Film Festival Nov 2009

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