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How to copy and paste settings in Lightroom

How to copy and paste settings in Lightroom

How to Copy and Paste Settings in Lightroom: A Comprehensive Guide

Adobe Lightroom, a versatile and robust photo editing software, allows you to achieve consistent aesthetics across your photos with its copy and paste settings feature. This feature can be a significant timesaver, especially when you're working with multiple photos shot under similar conditions. This article will guide you through the process of copying and pasting settings in Lightroom step by step.

Understanding Copy and Paste Settings in Lightroom

Lightroom provides an excellent batch editing feature that enables you to copy your edits from one photo and paste them onto multiple other photos. This process can be handy if you have a series of photos that require similar adjustments, thereby saving you the time of manually applying the same settings over and over again.

How to Copy and Paste Settings in Lightroom

Below, we will explain how to copy and paste settings in both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC (the cloud-based version of Lightroom).

Lightroom Classic

  1. Select the Edited Photo: Begin by selecting the photo from which you want to copy the settings. This photo should have all the adjustments already made to it.
  2. Copy Settings: With the photo selected, go to the 'Develop' module and click on the 'Copy...' button located on the left-hand panel's bottom. You can also press 'Command + C' on Mac or 'Ctrl + C' on Windows to copy the settings.
  3. Choose Settings: A new dialogue box titled 'Copy Settings' will appear with various checkboxes corresponding to different types of edits, such as Tone Curve, Split Toning, Lens Corrections, etc. Check the settings you want to copy, and then click 'Copy.'
  4. Paste Settings: Select the photo (or photos) to which you want to apply the copied settings. Right-click and choose 'Develop Settings' > 'Paste Settings,' or simply press 'Command + V' on Mac or 'Ctrl + V' on Windows.

Lightroom CC

  1. Select the Edited Photo: First, select the photo that has the edits you want to copy.
  2. Copy Settings: With the photo selected, click on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the screen and select 'Copy Settings.' All the settings from your selected photo will be copied.
  3. Choose Settings: A new panel will appear on the right, showing the settings that you can copy. Check the ones you want and click 'Copy.'
  4. Paste Settings: Now, go to the photo where you want to paste the settings. Click on the three-dot menu again and select 'Paste Settings.' The edits will be applied to your photo.


The copy and paste feature in Lightroom is a powerful tool for speeding up your editing workflow. It ensures consistency across multiple photos, especially useful when editing a collection of images shot under similar conditions.

While this guide provides a basic introduction, remember that not all photos require the same edits, even if they were shot under similar conditions. Feel free to adjust the pasted settings as per each photo's individual needs.

Remember, Lightroom is a non-destructive editing software, meaning you can always undo or change your settings without permanently altering the original file. So feel free to experiment and find the workflow that best suits your creative needs.

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