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Art Route 66

Art Route 66

Route 66, the legendary highway stretching across the United States, offers endless nostalgic beauty. I embarked on a four-week road trip, not just to capture every remaining part of this iconic road, but to immerse myself in the thrill of the open road and the allure of abandoned buildings. Traveling in my Jeep with an iKamper rooftop tent, I felt the pulse of adventure with every mile.

This collection, titled “Art Route 66,” is a time capsule, encapsulating the essence of a bygone era. As I journeyed through the heartland, I encountered countless relics of the past, each telling a story. The crumbling facades, the rusting signs, and the deserted streets evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia, a history frozen in time. These fine art photographs, a mix of color and black-and-white, showcase the raw beauty and enduring spirit of Route 66.

One particular image stands out—a lonely gas station, its pumps long dry, standing as a silent witness to countless travelers’ adventures. Can you imagine the stories it could tell? The architectural style of these buildings, often Art Deco or Mid-century Modern, adds a layer of charm and character. The weathered textures and faded paint speak volumes about the passage of time and the resilience of these structures, inviting you to delve into their history.

Route 66 is more than just a road; it’s a journey through America’s soul. This collection captures the wide-open landscapes, quirky roadside attractions, and sense of freedom. Each photo is a piece of history, a snapshot of a moment that will never return.

The entire Route 66 wall art collection can be found here. Immerse yourself in the magic of Route 66 through my eyes and bring a piece of this iconic highway into your home. From the bustling cities to the quiet deserts, this collection invites you to relive the adventure and nostalgia of Route 66 as if you were there.

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