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Image of War - War Photography Museum - Dan Kosmayer Photography

Image of War - War Photography Museum

During my visit to Zagreb, Croatia, I visited the Image of War Museum dedicated to War Photography. The photographs currently on exhibit is called Up Close and Personal: War in Croatia. The display covers the Croatian War of Independence (1991-to 1995). The gallery exhibit features photographs and stories by Croatian, Serbian, and other world-renowned war photographers. The show also features personal stories and photos people donated to the museum. The museum's motto is "War belongs in a museum," and the museum's goal is to promote the importance of peace and raise awareness of the destructiveness that war brings to all. 

Part of the revenue of all tickets is donated to victims of war and refugees. The current exhibition highly moved me and I highly recommend visiting, but I must warn you that it contains disturbing and upsetting content.

More information can be found on their website - Image of War.

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