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The Scottish International Airshow - Dan Kosmayer Photography

The Scottish International Airshow

Glasgow's Spectacular Scottish International Airshow

The Scottish International Airshow is situated in the United Kingdom, at the Glasgow Prestwick Airport. The popular annual airshow typically has 80,000 people attend for two days of flying displays, aerobatics, and historic aircraft. I participated in this beautiful show in 2015, which included an incredible display by the world-famous Red Arrows. 

RAF Red Arrows performing at the Scottish International Airshow on July 21, 2015

Red Arrows aerial display team against a blue sky with coloured jet streams

Famous Red Arrows RAF formation team performing their display

The infamous RAF Red Arrows display team at the Scottish International Airshow are world-famous celebrities. They are instantly recognizable with their red, white, and blue smoke trails from their Hawk jets, adding a touch of class as they perform their series of gravity-defying maneuvers.

Red Arrows aerial display team against a blue sky with coloured jet streams

The RAF Red Arrows have been performing since 1965. The pilots of the Hawk jets are not just recreational pilots but have also flown operationally and served in the RAF. The Red Arrow displayed a dazzling display for the Scottish International Airshow in the United Kingdom that included the tornado loop, the classic diamond nine, and a particular heart-shaped maneuver, as featured in many of the photos below.

Red Arrows RAF aerobatic fly team with colourful smoke

Red Arrows RAF aerobatic team performance, doing a crossover with colourful smoke.

Red Arrows RAF aerobatic team doing a crossover

The 2015 Scottish International Airshow also featured the RAF commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain when the Spitfire, Lancaster, and Hurricane WWII aircraft will all take to the skies above the Low Green in Ayr.

A pair of spitfires flying

They also featured both civil and military helicopters. The Royal Navy Sea King rescue helicopter was very popular.
Royal Navy Sea King Rescue Helicopter at the Scottish International Airshow

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