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Dubrovnik Old Town - Dan Kosmayer Photography

Dubrovnik Old Town

Dubrovnik Old Town: An Unforgettable Journey through Croatia's Heritage

Dubrovnik Croatia is the southernmost in Croatia on the Dalmatian coast and the most popular destination in Croatia itself. Dubrovnik is wonderful. It is a small town with over 40,000 inhabitants where almost everybody knows everybody. It's one of its kind and a must-visit destination in Croatia.

Incredible sunset on the hillside homes in Dubrovnik Croatia

Beautiful coastal buildings Dubrovnik Croatia

The Dubrovnik Old Town was founded in the 7th Century by refugees from Epidaurus in Greece. Since 1979 been a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its historical significance.

The Dubrovnik old city marina was relatively empty during the off-season when this photograph was taken. There were only pleasure boats and a few fishing boats in the Old Port Dubrovnik. I took the picture from the top of the old Dubrovnik wall giving me some elevation that captures a great view of the harbor and the ancient city along the town's hillside.

City marina on a sunny day Dubrovnik Croatia
View of the old marina in Dubrovnik from the old city wall
Hillside homes Dubrovnik Croatia

Best time to visit the Dubrovnik old town?

The best time to visit is during late spring (April to mid-June) and early fall (mid-September to mid-October). Although my wife and I stayed in January with relatively few people, there were fewer activities and events available in Dubrovnik at that time. The old town of Dubrovnik can be crazy with tourists during the summer and should be avoided. During the summer, there are over 10.000 visitors daily from the cruise ships alone.

Narrow stairs leading down to the main street in the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik Croatia
Plants decorate the narrow stairs inside the walled city of Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik's old town is a must-see destination in Croatia

Dubrovnik is a must-see destination in Croatia. It is a wonderfully preserved medieval architecture such as Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque palaces, churches, and monasteries. Once you cross over the drawbridge and walk through the Pile Gate, you will find yourself entering an ancient city. A city with unique medieval architecture. The Mediterranean surrounds Dubrovnik on the one side and old defensive walls on the other.

Beautiful Dubrovnik Croatia rooftop cityscape during sunset

Some describe Dubrovnik as a museum town where you can enjoy culture and art from music festivals, theater plays, art exhibitions, and architectural wonders. Let's not forget that you can take a walk along the 2.0km city walls that surrounds the Old City, the great restaurants, and vibrant bars.

The beautiful coastline cliffs looking towards the old walled city of Dubrovnik Croatia

The walk takes two to three hours and offers breathtaking views of the Dalmatian Coast and an aerial view of the city. The Lovrijenac Fortress is one of the sights seen from the wall; it is an impressive medieval building built on the cliffs. This structure and several others were featured in the popular ten best Game of Thrones filming locations to visit in Croatia.

The beautiful coastline cliffs looking towards the old walled city of Dubrovnik Croatia
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